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The Hereford Hog is red with a white face similar to Hereford cattle, developed in 1920-1925 originating from the U.S.A.   They are considered a RARE variety being a certain mix  of Duroc-Jersey, and Poland China, in  an effort to produce an excellent  meat hog while also being the "world's most attractive hog."   Their shade of red varies from season to season from bright red to brownish red, with a percentage of white in specific areas only. 
Hereford Hogs are a breed of choice for 4-H and F FA programs due to their docile, sensible, even temperament.   With excellent conformation and a striking appearance their hams are gaining notice in specialty markets.   They weigh around 250 lbs at 5-6 months of age with mature pigs weighing between 600  - 800 lbs sure to fill your freezer full.  These hogs are considered a "heritage" breed.
    Our Herefords are pasture/grain fed.   We never use any unnecessary medicines and do not use growth hormones or steroids !   All our animals are free to roam with more than spacious acreage, shade and water... in a very natural, humane environment.

We currently do not have any Herefords for sale. 

Only 24 hours old they root around on Eli's leg.   
Below; THE THREE LITTLE PIGS fast asleep.
As you can see these hogs have excellent temperment especially when hand raised.  They are  easy to work with and gentle by nature.