Piney Branch Farms

​Nestled in the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains is one of natures oldest, most rugged, yet docile breed of cattle you will ever encounter...Meet the 
​Registered Highland Cattle & Registered Hereford Hogs  
If you are looking for a hardy breed yet easy to work with then look no further.  Highlands are  disease resistant, very rugged foragers,browsers, docile and extremely unique- making them a great choice for many purposes.   You can learn more about the Highlands which are noted for ease of handling with a calm disposition_even the bulls!   We hope you enjoy your visit!
Piney Branch Farms has been located in Livingston since 2009 and is a work in progress. We have a small operation and believe quality is better than quantity.  
Eli French (859)302-4488 or
Barbara Collins (Mason)
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